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Even if you live alone, even if you don't care.I need to do a Jettek.

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I went to the bookstore to celebrate the New Year. Among the books on finance, one-person households or non-marital books are notable. While the number of single households in their 20s and 30s is increasing, most financial books have been used as the standard for "four-person families." Should I try '짠' as a goal to build my own house? Maybe it's "the dust that collects." Make my own house. Is it possible in this life?

Kim Hye-mi (33) has decided not to save a lot or save a lot but to buy a big bed. It is not easy to buy a big bed that costs more than 1 million won, but why did you reach your goal for the year? For Hye-mi, a single-person household, "big bed" was not just a bed, but a declaration of what life would be like in the future, or a determination and goal. 

"I still use the single bed I used to use while living in a studio when I was a college student. I've been using it for over 10 years, and the mattress is sitting down and creaking. But I didn't buy it because I was vaguely thinking, 'I'm going to buy a new one if I get married, so I have to buy a big bed if I get married.' But I don't know when I'm going to get married, but I guess my life's plans have all been focused on marriage. The house before the wedding was supposed to be a temporary residence. I've been postponing my present happiness just thinking about it after marriage. From now on, we decided to think about how to live as a single, unmarried household instead of a marriage."

According to a report released by KB Financial Holding Research Institute in September of 2018, the proportion of single-person households in Korea was 28.5 percent, surpassing that of two-person households (26.9 percent). 토토추천 The book, which had been published based on a family of four, is being targeted at single-person households. Financial products targeting them are also on the rise.

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